A program approval form must be completed for the creation of new programs and deletions or modifications to an existing program all require approval through the college/school curriculum committee.  Some curriculum modifications require BOV and SCHEV approval.  Contact Claudia Rector in the Provost’s Office at for questions.

For new degree programs (not including minors or certificates), you must also complete the SCHEV form located on the Provost’s website. If you have questions regarding the SCHEV form and/or procedures, please contact Contact Claudia Rector in the Provost’s Office at for questions.

For any related new, modified or deleted courses, a separate Course Approval Form must be submitted.

For the status of your proposals, please to go to the Program Proposals page.

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How to process a Program Approval Form

Complete the program approval form to create a new program, modify, or delete an existing program.  For new programs only, you must also get SCHEV approval.  For modified programs, please fill out the sections that are being modified with the new information.

  • Title: If you are requesting a title change, this may require SCHEV approval or notification.  Contact Robin Parker in the Provost’s Office for further information.
  • Admission standards/application requirements: Required only if the standards and/or the requirements are different from those published in the University Catalog.
  • Degree requirements: List the specific requirements students need to complete. Consult the catalog for models. Include the numbers of the specific courses that can be used to complete each of the requirements.
  • Certificate programs only: Indicate whether the certificate can be pursued by students on a full-time basis (at least 9 graduate credits offered each semester for graduate certificates; at least 12 undergraduate credits for post-baccalaureate certficates). Be sure to include the number of credits required for certificate completion.

Submit the form and attachments to your department and/or school and/or unit level curriculum committee according to primary college approval policies.  Then submit to your primary College/School (e.g. COS, CHSS, SPGIA) curriculum committee for approval.

After receiving college/school level approval, please forward the form as follows.