Curriculum Management (CIM)

How it works:

Faculty/department administrators will create course/program proposals directly in the CIM system as as early in the cycle as possible. After the initial entry and confirmation, proposals are pushed into Workflow, where they will be reviewed and signed off on by subsequent levels of approval. After receiving final approval, proposals will be brought into the catalog for publication.


  • No more paper forms. Log-in to a single location to initiate a proposal or view existing proposals.
  • Automatic approval workflow.  CIM automatically chooses the most appropriate workflow based on proposal type, school/department, or other situation. Proposals requiring additional approvals (e.g. Green Leaf, Mason Core) will automatically be pushed to the appropriate committees.
  • Instant access to in-progress proposals. Users may view the approval progress of all proposals at any time, including any comments/edits made by approvers along the way.
  • Notifications to related departments. Units impacted by an in-progress proposal will receive an automatic notification.
  • More efficient committee planning/approval meetings. Agendas can be quickly created and emailed to all committee members based on proposals which have reached the appropriate approval step.