Curriculum Management (CIM)

What Is CIM?

A comprehensive software module which places the entire update process for Course and Program inventory into a web-based form which can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

  • Imports course information directly from Banner and pre-populates the form.
  • Assigns workflow without human intervention.
  • Identifies all impacted courses and programs based on the requested change.
  • Tracks edits and comments.
  • Generates custom PDFs and/or interactive agendas for committee meetings.
  • Updates Banner and the catalog (CAT) once a proposal completes the assigned workflow.
  • Sends notifications to designated users within workflow at various steps in the process.
  • Retains historical archive.

Curriculum Management (CIM)

The CIM system for courses will be tentatively available Summer 2017. Information about using the system and logging in will be made available at the mandatory training sessions that users must attend before gaining access to the system, dates/times TBA.

CIM for courses and program will be available tentatively August 2017. Users will be required to attend a mandatory training before receiving access to create curriculum proposals in the system.

Curriculum will continue to move through the same steps of approval for your academic unit, but the approval process will move to an online workflow with the CIM system.

How will the curriculum process change?

  • All course and program inventory changes must initiated and approved via CIM.
  • Hard-copy/digital copies of the course and program approval forms will no longer be accepted by the Registrar’s Office.
  • Academic units will no longer need to manually make curricular edits to the catalog because the information will update directly based on proposals approved in CIM-Programs.


Contact your college catalog POC with all questions related to CIM.

For information on a specific topic, please click the link below:

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  • Completing a Course Proposal
  • Approvals in CIM
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