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4VA Consortium


4VA Consortium Registration Form

4-VA is a consortium of four universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia: George Mason University, James Madison University, the University of Virginia, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  4-VA creates a collaborative environment where the four universities work together and, as a result, achieve more.  For more information, please go to

To register, please complete the 4VA Consortium Registration Form.

Consortium Registration – Air Force ROTC

Registration for Air Force ROTC courses is handled through the University of Maryland and is processed by the George Mason Consortium Coordinator.  Students participating in this program are required to follow the same procedures as any students requesting through the Consortium at the University of Maryland.  Academic credit will be granted for specifically approved courses.

Consortium Registration – Grading Policies

  • Students may not register for classes based on Pass/Fail grading.
  • Grades, as reported by the host institution, will stand.
  • Auditing courses is not permitted.
  • Credits earned through the Consortium are considered resident credit.
  • Grades for Consortium courses are sent to the Mason Office of the University Registrar, recorded on the Mason transcript, and calculated into the Mason GPA.
  • If necessary, grades will be converted to the nearest George Mason equivalent.
  • Please do not contact the visited university to obtain your grade.
  • Due to the special processing that is required, consortium grades are often received later than Mason grades.  Grades will be entered on your record as soon as they are received by the Mason Office of the University Registrar.
  • Summer grades are typically posted at the end of the last summer sessions.
  • Incomplete grades are governed by Mason regulations.  It is not in your best interest to request a grade of Incomplete due to the discrepancies (between institutions) in due date for completed work.
  • Eligibility for withdrawal must be approved by your Mason program dean.

Washington Metropolitan Area Consortium

George Mason University is a cooperating member of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area.  The Consortium’s cross-registration arrangement permits students enrolled in eligible degree programs at one member institution to take a course at another member institution.


  • Students must be be currently enrolled at Mason and admitted to a degree program.  Non-degree students are not eligible.
  • First semester students are not eligible for registration.
  • Students must be in good academic standing; some colleges have higher standards. Students in non-academic suspension or expulsion are ineligible.
  • Undergraduate students are restricted to undergraduate level courses and must be in junior status, having earned at least 60 credits.
  • Graduate students are restricted to Graduate level courses.

Tuition and Fees

  • Mason Consortium students pay the Mason tuition rate.
  • Tuition payment is submitted to Mason.
  • Additional fees, such as lab or course materials, are the student’s responsibility and must be paid to the visited institution.  Parking fees are also the student’s responsibility.
  • Credits taken through the Consortium are counted toward full or part-time status at Mason.
  • Refunds, if due, for dropped consortium courses will follow the Mason refund policy.

For students who are also Mason employees, the employee tuition waiver will not apply to consortium registration.


  • Only one consortium course can be taken in a given semester.
  • A maximum of 6 consortium credits can be taken.
  • Restrictions on enrollment may apply for certain courses.  Particular restrictions are not always detailed in the course information.
  • Independent Study, Special Institutes, Tutorials and Study abroad are exempt from registration.
  • Registration is not guaranteed.  Participation is limited by both course availability and institutional Consortium policies of the visited college or university.

Special Exception:  In order to fulfill their Foreign Language requirement, Undergraduate Foreign Language students are permitted to increase the 6 credit hour credit allowance to 9 or 12 credits.  Participation is limited to courses that apply to the student’s program of study.  Students who are dually enrolled (matriculated/degree seeking) at Mason and at another Consortium institution are not eligible to participate.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Registration Procedure

Registration deadlines for Consortium registration are not the same as Mason registration deadlines.  Mason Consortium registration forms must be submitted two weeks prior to the first day of classes at Mason. (Summer registration forms are due two weeks before the start of Mason’s “A” summer session.)

1. Obtain Course Information.

Mason students may register for a course through the Consortium if the course, or its equivalent, meets the following requirements:

  • The course is not available at Mason during the same semester
  • The course is not exempt from Consortium registration at the visited school.
  • George Washington, American and University of Maryland courses that are offered off campus are not eligible.
  • Independent study, study abroad, special institutes and tutorials are not eligible.

Participation is limited by both course availability and institutional Consortium policies of the visited college or university.  Schedules of classes and course catalogs can be accessed at the visited institution’s website.  Contact the host institution to find out the following:

  • Is the course open?
  • Are there any prerequisites?
  • Are there any special fees?  Remember, special fees are the student’s responsibility and must be paid to the host institution.  A financial hold will be placed on your account at Mason and at the host institution if these fees are not paid.

2.  Complete the Consortium Registration Form.

All course information (course reference number, course section number, course title, semester hours, and level) must be noted.  Inaccurate and incomplete forms will not be processed and will be returned to you.

Consortium registration requests submitted by Mason students must be approved and recommended by the student’s department chair and dean.  An appointment may be required to obtain approval.  Registration permission is granted on a case by case basis.  Approval is not guaranteed.

The Consortium registration form must be submitted to Mason’s Consortium coordinator two weeks prior to the first day of classes at Mason.

Schedule Changes

Registration changes cannot be made via Patriot Web.  The Consortium Coordinator must make these changes and will notify the other institution.  Contact the Consortium Coordinator immediately if the class is cancelled or you decide to drop the class.

Failure to notify the Consortium Coordinator in a timely manner could result in a failing grade as well as tuition liability.


Contact the Mason Consortium Coordinator
SUBI, Room 2101
(703) 993-2441


For information on a specific topic, please click the link below: