Spring 2017 Calendar

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Updated December 2, 2016

For information on make-ups for classes and exams canceled this semester, please go to Class Cancellations.

Priority Dates and Time Tickets

Registration times are assigned to each class code in order of completed hours from most to least. Go to Patriot Web to verify your registration time and to make sure you have a record free of holds that prevent registration.

*All newly admitted freshmen and transfer students must attend orientation and will register on that day.

Priority Dates Class Code
Nov 1 Graduate
Nov 3 Seniors
Nov 7 Juniors
Nov 9 Sophomores
Nov 11 Freshmen
Nov 16 Nondegree Graduate
Jan 5 Nondegree Undergraduate

Important Dates

Dates listed on this page are for full semester courses only. For add/drop deadlines for courses that meet less than a full semester, see Non-standard Sections Dates.

For graduation deadlines, please go to the Graduation Timelines page.

January 1 Day of Week Sunday
Martin Luther King Day (no classes) Mon Jan 16
First day of classes; last day to submit Domicile Reclassification Application; Payment Due Date; full semester waitlists removed Mon Jan 23
Last day to add classes—all individualized section forms due
Last day to drop with no tuition penalty
Mon Jan 30
Last day to drop with a 33% tuition penalty Mon Feb 13
Final Drop Deadline (67% tuition penalty) Fri Feb 24
Immunization Record Deadline Wed Mar 1
Midterm progress reporting period (100-200 level classes)—grades available via Patriot Web Mon Feb 20 – Fri Mar 24
Selective Withdrawal Period (undergraduate students only) Mon Feb 27 – Fri Mar 31
Spring Break Mon Mar 13 – Sun Mar 19
Incomplete work from Fall 2016 due to Instructor Fri March 31
Incomplete grade changes from Fall 2016 due to Registrar Fri April 7
Dissertation/Thesis Deadline Fri May 5
Last day of classes Sat May 6
Reading Days
Reading days provide students with additional study time for final examinations. Faculty may schedule optional study sessions, but regular classes or exams may not be held.
Mon May 8 – Tue May 9
Exam Period (beginning at 7:30 a.m.) Wed May 10 – Wed May 17
Commencement and Degree Conferral Date May 20

Part-of-Term Tuition Liability Dates

There are standard Part-of-Term codes designated for courses that meet for the full semester (1), the first half of the semester (1F), or the last half of the semester (1L). Some courses meet for less than the full semester and have modified add, drop, and tuition liability dates. The part-of term code for non-standard courses will be listed in the section notes on Patriot Web. Please refer to the chart below for specific add/drop deadline dates.

Please note: Courses may be assigned to a Part-of-Term code that doesn’t necessarily match the exact start and end date for the section. Students should consult Patriot Web for the exact start and end dates for these non-standard courses.

Dates Last Day to Add/Drop
(no liability)
Last Day to Drop
(with 33% liability)
Final Drop
(with 67% liability)
Selective Withdrawal
(100% liability)
1 (Full Semester) 1/23 – 5/17 1/30 2/13 2/24 2/27 – 3/31
1F (First Half of Semester) 1/23 – 3/12 1/30 2/2 2/7 2/8 – 2/15
1M (Middle of the Semester) 2/6 – 3/31 2/13 2/16 2/21 2/22 – 3/1
1L (Last Half of Semester) 3/20 – 5/17 3/27 3/30 4/4 4/5 – 4/12
1I (Independent Study) 1/23 – 5/17 1/30 2/13 2/24 2/27 – 3/31
1N (Non-Standard Dates) 1/23 – 5/17 1/30 2/13 2/24 2/27 – 3/31
1W (Winter Intersession) 1/3 – 1/20 1/5 N/A 1/9 1/11
B1 (Business Module 1) 1/30 – 4/15 2/6 2/8 2/10 N/A
B2 (Business Module 2) 4/16 – 7/1 4/24 4/26 4/28 N/A

*The Selective Withdrawal Period applies to undergraduate degree-seeking students only. See the University Catalog for further details.

Payment Due Dates and Policies

Student Accounts is responsible for all payment policies. Refer to the the Student Accounts website for more information and important deadlines.