Project status

We are excited to be underway with the implementation of the new degree audit system for George Mason. Here you will find project status updates and timeline information.  



  • Data Integration: The Stellic site is driven by our Banner data. The OUR partnered with the vendor and ITS to build and refine data feeds and verify the data consumption. Data integration efforts launched in 2021 and are ongoing. 

2022  | Stellic Updates.docx 

2023 | 2023 Degree Audit Replacement Updates.docx 

2024 | 2024 Degree Audit Replacement Updates.docx 


  • The Doctoral program launch was delayed as we navigated some audit elements that particularly impact doctoral audits. We are partnering with the vendor to finalize the audit build and look forward to launching to these advisors and students as soon as possible. 
  • The Undergraduate level audits are in progress, and the build will continue through this summer. The undergraduate student population is expected to launch in early fall. 
  • Note: The UG audit build is dependent upon some vendor development work with an expected delivery of August 2024. 
  • Testing, development, and data integration work is ongoing for the following: 
    • Registration feature (Note: Registration via Patriot Web will remain available. Registration via Stellic will only be offered as an additional registration option for students) 
    • Degree Clearance workflow 
    • Exceptions workflow (to replace existing Sub/Waiver forms) 
    • Prospective and Transfer 
    • ADVANCE Pathways 


  • Platform orientation and training sessions for doctoral program advisors 
  • Platform orientation and training sessions for all undergraduate advisors 
  • As other features are ready to be shared, we will also invite users to more specific sessions for the following features: 
    • Analytics 
    • Exceptions (sub-waivers) 
    • Degree clearance
  • We are planning drop-in sessions throughout the fall for the advising community. Once scheduled we will post the information on this page and announce it via email. 
  • Expanded resources and information for both advisors and students on the OUR website. 
  • UG programs are expected to launch in September 
  • Registration via the new degree audit tool is expected to launch in November for the Spring 2025 term registration. (Note: This is an additional registration option that allows for integration with the student’s degree audit or plan of study. The Patriot Web registration tool will continue to be available as usual.) 
  • The link to Degree Works will be removed from Patriot Web over winter break. Students will only have access to the new degree audit tool from January 2025 and forward 
  • Degree Works will be taken offline in June 2025 entirely. Until then, the OUR will have access to the tool for reference.