Filters in CLSS

Most Common Filters

Course College Code BU – All sections for the School of Business
Department Code GSE – All sections for the Graduate School of Education
Course Title *Math* – All courses with Math in the title.
Section Course Code ENGH 302 (Subject code + Catalog Number) – All sections for a specfic course
Section # *P* – All sections that contain P in the section number
Schedule Type LAB – All sections that are labs
Instructor ID G12347890 – All sections taught by instructor with ID
Campus Code KOR – All sections in Korea campus
Maximum Enrollment >50 – All sections with a maximum enrollment greater than 50
Enrollment >50 – All sections with an actual enrollment greater than 50
Internal Notes *TWL* – All sections on the Technology Waitlist

* separate with a comma

Key Words and Symbol Definitions

! not !AR in Campus Code – display all sections that are not in campus AR (Arlington)
? one wild card character 3?? in Catalog Number – displays all 300-level sections
* wild card H* in Section #- All sections that start with H in the section #.
> greater than
>= greater than or equal to
< less than
<= less than or equal to