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Posted: September 27, 2013 at 12:14 pm, Last Updated: October 30, 2013 at 3:47 pm

Student Class Scheduling. Simplified.

A new scheduling assistant, Patriot Scheduler, has been added to Patriot Web. The Patriot Scheduler will help you to build class schedules and allows you to block out breaks for athletic practice, job requirements, etc. This link can be found under Student Services → Registration → Patriot Scheduler-Sign On.


  1. Visit Patriot Web and log in.
  2. Click on Student Services → Registration → Patriot Scheduler-Sign On.
  3. Add courses to take next term.
  4. Add breaks to block off times for no classes.
  5. Click “View” to view schedules.
  6. When you have found a schedule you like, click “Send to Cart”.
  7. From the Patriot Scheduler Registration Cart, click the “Register” button. Carefully review all course “Status” information, the “Status” will confirm successful registration or display error messages, further action might be required.

How to PDF

Patriot Scheduler - Main Page

a.   Course Status – search for “Open” or “Open and Closed” sections.

b.   Parts of Term – some courses meet for less than the full semester and therefore have modified add, drop, and tuition liability dates proportional to their length. There are standard Part-of-Term codes designated for courses that meet for the full semester (1),the first half of the semester (1F), or the last half of the semester (1L), but additional Part-of-Term codes are assigned to courses with non-standard start and end dates.

c.   Campus –  modify the Campus(es) Patriot Scheduler uses for sections.

d.   Add Course – select the courses you want to schedule.

e.   Add Break – block out days and times when you don’t want to take class.

f.   Generate Schedules – create your schedule from your courses and breaks.

g.   Help Videos – five videos to help you navigate Patriot Scheduler.

h.   Exit – sign out of Patriot Scheduler.

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