Why is my room assignment on Patriot Web different from what it was a month ago?

Posted: April 10, 2018 at 1:10 pm

The class schedule is constantly in flux up until the last day to add for a semester. As classes are cancelled or as enrollment grows beyond the capacity of the initially-assigned room, room assignments often switch.

Room changes may occur for the following reasons:

  • ADA request: Mason’s Disability Services Office often contacts the Scheduling Office to move a section for accessibility purposes. If a suitable open room is not available, the Scheduling Office will swap rooms with another class. We are required by federal law to find a suitable space in order to fulfill such requests.
  • Enrollment exceeds room capacity: if a section enrolls beyond the capacity of the classroom, the Scheduling Office will move the class into a larger open space or swap it into a larger space.
  • Classroom technology: if a section is in a classroom which has more/different technology than what was requested, it may be swapped out if another section comes along that requires that specific technology. The most common example would be for classes requesting video-conferencing.


The Scheduling Office will only ever swap a class into a room of equivalent technology type. We will never move you into a classroom with less technology than what was originally requested.


Because such swaps occur frequently, the Scheduling Office will only notify the affected department if the swap occurred less than two weeks before the first day of class. Instructors should always confirm their room assignment on Patriot Web the day before their first day of class.

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