What is Directory Information?

Posted: April 12, 2013 at 4:50 pm, Last Updated: May 24, 2016 at 9:24 am

George Mason University designates the following as public or “Directory Information.” Such information may be disclosed by the University without the student’s prior consent under the conditions set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Directory Information includes:

  • student name
  • address
  • telephone numbers(s)
  • e-mail address
  • birthdate and place of birth
  • photographs
  • major
  • dates of attendance
  • enrollment status (full-time, part-time)
  • class
  • previous institutions
  • major field of study
  • awards
  • honors (including Dean’s List)
  • degrees conferred including dates
  • past and present participation in officially recognized sports and activities
  • physical factors (height and weight of athletes)

Note: Mason does not disclose non-directory information unless the student has signed a consent form or the disclosure meets a qualified exception under FERPA.

Withholding Disclosure

Currently enrolled students may withhold disclosure of directory information under FERPA.

To withhold disclosure, students must present a photo ID in person at the Office of the University Registrar at Student Union I, Room 2101 and complete the Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information Form. The form may be submitted at any time throughout the year and will immediately affect prospective disclosures. George Mason University assumes that failure on the part of any student to specifically request the withholding of a category of directory information indicates individual approval for disclosure. Former students may not place a new request for nondisclosure of directory information on their education records; however, they may request its removal. For more information, please Contact Us.

The following two categories of directory information may be withheld for current students, upon receipt of the Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information Form.

  1. Telephone Directory* – prevents the listing of student name, address, telephone number, major, and e-mail address in the George Mason University Telephone Directory.
  2. Confidential hold** – prevents the disclosure of all Directory Information including name, address, telephone number(s), e-mail address, date and place of birth, major, dates of attendance, enrollment status (full-time, part-time), class, previous institutions, major field of study, awards, honors (including Dean’s List), degrees conferred including dates, past and present participation in officially recognized sports and activities, and physical factors (height and weight of athletes).

*Requests to withhold your information from the campus directory must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar by 5:00 pm on Friday of the first week of classes of the fall semester to have information withheld in time for the publication of that academic year’s George Mason University Telephone Directory.

**Students who elect this category must conduct all university business either in person with a photo ID card or from a remote location with an original notarized request. Such students’ names will be published in the commencement program unless the students request exclusion in writing. Students in this category are eligible to use interactive web and other electronic systems, such as Patriot Web, for transactions including registration which are protected by a netID and password.

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