Registration Times or Time Tickets

Posted: April 12, 2013 at 4:25 pm, Last Updated: November 10, 2021 at 9:01 am

Priority Dates and Time Tickets

Continuing, new Graduate, and Non-degree students are assigned a time ticket for their class code (GR, SR, JR, SO, FR, ND) that allows access to registration based upon the number of completed hours from most to least.  This registration time ticket indicates the first available time a student may begin to register for the term. Find your specific time ticket by logging on to Patriot Web.

New Undergraduate students (Freshman and Transfer) will be assigned a time ticket after registering for an orientation. Contact the Orientation Office for further information.

For information on when registration begins for a particular semester, please go to the Academic Calendar page.

View Your Registration Time

Registration times are assigned to each class code in order of completed hours from most to least. Go to Patriot Web to verify your registration time and to make sure you have a record free of holds that prevent registration. Click here to view a tutorial on how to find your registration time ticket in Patriot Web.

*All newly admitted freshmen and transfer students must attend orientation and will register on that day.

Registration Priority Dates

These are the registration priority dates for the current registration term: Fall 2022

Priority DatesClass Code
April 19, 2022Graduate Students
April 21, 2022Seniors Only (90+ hours earned)
April 25, 2022Juniors (60-89 hours earned)
April 27, 2022Sophomores and All Non-Degree ADVANCE Students (30-59 hours earned)
April 29, 2022Freshmen and All Non-Degree ADVANCE Students (0-29 hours earned)
May 4, 2022Non-Degree Graduate
July 22, 2022Non-Degree Undergraduate
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