I received an email notification about a proposal waiting for my approval, but when I select the approval link, I do not see it. What do I do?

Posted: July 11, 2017 at 1:43 pm, Last Updated: July 11, 2017 at 1:45 pm

Two things may have happened:

  • another individual also assigned to the same role has already approved the proposal.
  • another individual assigned to the same role has rolled the proposal back to an earlier step in workflow.

To check:

  • Go to Course Admin or Program Admin.
  • Enter the name of the course/program that you had received an email about into the Search field and select Search.
  • The current proposal will display. Look at the In Workflow box to the right of the course title.
    • Items shaded in yellow will indicate who currently has the proposal.
      • If the yellow-shaded item appears as a step after your Role, it means the proposal was already advanced/approved to go to the next step.
      • If the yellow-shaded item appears as a step before your Role, it means someone rolled the proposal back to a previous step.
      • If either of the above applies and you are uncertain of who approved/rolled back the proposal, look at the box below the In Workflow box, labeled Approval Path. This box lists all the associated users who have taken action on the proposal for each role.
      • If the yellow-shaded item is your Role, the proposal may have been moved back into your queue. To approve:
        • Go to the CourseLeaf Approval Console
        • Look for the Your Role drop-down menu at the top of the display. Select your Role from this menu.
        • All of the items awaiting your approval will display in the blue-bordered menu. Select the appropriate item to view it and to Edit/Rollback/Approve.

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