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Posted: April 15, 2013 at 4:26 pm, Last Updated: November 18, 2013 at 2:25 pm

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  1. Log onto Patriot Web.
  2. From the Main Menu, select Faculty and Advisor Services.
  3. Select Term Selection.
  4. Select the desired term from the drop-down list, then select Submit Term.
  5. Select CRN Selection.
  6. Select the course you wish to grade from the drop-down list, then select Submit CRN.
    NOTE: If your course does not appear in the list, it’s because you are not listed as the instructor. Please contact your departmental scheduling coordinators for assistance.
  7. Select Midterm Evaluations.
  8. Your roster will display in alphabetic order. Click to position your cursor in the grade field for the first student on the roster. Click in the “Grade” box to use the drop-down list of grades appropriate for each student; select a grade by clicking on it. If you wish to type a grade you may do so. To type a grade with a + or -, you must type the letter grade again until it displays the correct version. You may tab to or click in the Grade field for the next student. Do not use the up or down arrow keys, as this will change the grade selected.
    NOTE: It is not necessary to enter Last Attend Date or Attend. Hours for midterm evaluations.
  9. When finished entering grades, select Submit Grades. Look for the message, “The grade or Last Attend Date changes you made have been saved successfully,” at the top of the page – this means your grades have been received. If you see a STOP warning at the top, check the error message, make any necessary corrections and click the Submit Grades button again.
  10. To grade additional courses, select RETURN TO MENU in the upper right corner of the screen to return to the Faculty and Advisor Services menu, and repeat from step 7.
  11. To view confirmed grades, scroll to the bottom of the Midterm Evaluations page and select Summary Class List from the links across the bottom.
  12. When you are done using Patriot Web, select EXIT in the upper right corner of the screen.You should also close Internet Explorer to ensure security.

NOTE: Please review your grades carefully before submitting them. The Registrar’s Office will not process changes to midterm evaluations. However, since midterms do not calculate a GPA for the student, you may return to the midterm evaluation form to change a grade and Submit Grades again. This will not be possible during final grading.

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