Student FAQs

How does this legislation impact me as a student?

This law prevents Mason from releasing your email, phone number or address under the directory information exception of the Family Educational and Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) unless:

  1. The disclosure is to students enrolled at Mason for educational purposes or institution business, and you have not opted out of such disclosure or,
  2. You have affirmatively consented in writing to such disclosure.

Why Should I allow Mason to share my information?

  • Will allow other students to search for your email address in People Finder.
  • Faculty and staff may be unable to share your contact information with others, such as a prospective employer.
  • You may not receive information about educational opportunities from third parties.

How can I provide consent?

  • Complete the Opt-In Form.
  • Consent to share you information may be revoked at any time.

How do I obtain another student’s contact information?

  • Mason school officials may share a students contact information for educational purposes or for university business. 
  • If you would like to contact a student for any other reason, the best way to obtain their contact information is to ask them directly. 

As a student worker, teaching assistant or graduate research assistant can I send and receive group emails to other students?

  • Yes, if the disclosure is to other currently enrolled students or Mason officials.
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