Ellucian Workflow Resources

This is a long-term project to modernize processes and automate tasks across Mason with a cloud-based business process solution that integrates with Banner. As we partner with ITS to roll out new versions of forms and tools using Ellucian Workflow, we have user guides posted below.

Ellucian Workflow can only connect to emails associated with a G#, not shared departmental inboxes (e.g. registrar@gmu.edu, psychology@gmu.edu, etc.).  If this is bothersome, please create an Outlook rule to either redirect the notice to a more convenient folder or to archive the notice entirely.

Ellucian Workflow Dashboardhttps://go.gmu.edu/ewf
Students, staff, and faculty will receive emails with a direct link to their case. If you’d like to review all of your cases in the system, you can use the above link to log in and bookmark for future use.

Questions or issues?
If you have any questions or receive any errors, please contact regwf@gmu.edu and provide the Case #, screenshots, and any helpful information related to the case so that we can research further.

 Form/Process converted to Ellucian Workflow
User Guides
Approver Change For Reviewers Does not apply
FERPA Consent to Release Student Information Does not apply For Students
Grade Change Request For Faculty

For Reviewers

For Grading Coordinators

Does not apply
Undergraduate Leave of Absence For Approvers For Students
Undergraduate Re-Enrollment For Approvers For Students
Graduate Time Limit Extension For Approvers For Students
Veteran Registration & Reporting Form (VRRF)  Does not apply For Students