Graduate Student Forms

All forms submitted are normally processed in two to three business days, not including the date received.  There are several peak periods, (graduation, the priority registration period etc.) when processing time may take longer.

Before Leaving MasonAll StudentsTo be used as a checklist if you leave George Mason University.
Certificate of Tax DependencyAll StudentsFor students to grant the University permission to release FERPA protected student information to a parent or legal guardian if the student is a dependent.
Change of CampusAll StudentsTo be completed by students who want to change campus type
Change of Personal InformationAll StudentsUsed to request a change or update to name, birth date or social security number.
Change of Program (Graduate)Graduate StudentsThis form can be used if the program change is within a single college. College changes require re-admission. This form cannot be used by newly admitted students.
Course AuditAll StudentsMust be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar by the last day to drop.
Credit OverloadAll Students*Must register for classes before submitting.
Used to request a credit overload. Can be used by Graduate, Undergraduate and Non-Degree students.
Degree and Enrollment InformationAll StudentsSubmit to third parties as an attachment to Clearinghouse verifications as needed.
Diploma Name and Accent Mark Request- online formAll StudentsUse this form to request a name other than your legal name on your diploma, or to add a special accent mark in the name printed on your diploma. 
Doctoral Advancement to Candidacy and Non-course RequirementsGraduate StudentsUsed for Doctoral students to be advanced to candidacy
Doctoral Dissertation ResearchGraduate StudentsGrace Period for Full-Time Equivalent Status.
Document Authentication RequestAll StudentsFor authentication of university academic documents.
Dual Masters Program of StudyGraduate StudentsFor students who wish to pursue two master’s degrees simultaneously. It must be submitted upon matriculation into the second program.
Enrollment VerificationAll StudentsVerification of enrollment.
FERPA Consent to Release Student Information - online formAll StudentsFor students to grant the University permission to release FERPA protected student information to a third party
Graduate Program Resignation and TransferGraduate StudentsFor students who wish to resign from one graduate program and transfer to a lesser degree program or certificate in the same discipline
Graduate Student Parental Leave of Absence applicationGraduate StudentsSubmit this form at least six weeks in advance prior to the term you plan to take leave due to becoming a parent via birth, adoption, foster or custodial care placement.
Graduate Student Request for Undergraduate Course Registration Graduate Students
Graduation InvitationAll StudentsFor use by international students. Submit as an addendum to enrollment verifications available from Patriot Web or degree verifications available from the National Student Clearinghouse.
Incomplete ExtensionAll StudentsPetition for extending the deadline for submission of completed work.
Incomplete Grade ContractAll StudentsFor use when an advanced deadline will apply; when incomplete work will be reviewed by another faculty member, or in other unusual circumstances where special clarity is needed.
Late Graduation ApplicationAll StudentsUsed to apply for graduation after the online application is no longer available. A Retroactive Graduation Request is required after the 6 week grace period has passed.
Late Schedule AdjustmentAll Students
Master's Degree Non-Course RequirementsGraduate StudentsUsed to report the completion of all Masters Non-Course Requirements.
Master's Thesis ResearchGraduate StudentsGrace Period for Full-Time Equivalent Status.
Re-enrollment Application - GraduateGraduate StudentsTo be completed by Graduate students who have missed two or more consecutive semesters at Mason.
Re-enrollment Application - Non-Degree Graduate StudiesNon-Degree Students
Reduction of CreditsGraduate StudentsFor Doctoral, MFA or Masters Degree students. Institutional unique credits must be met.
Request to Prevent Disclosure of Student InformationAll StudentsUsed to place a hold on student accounts to prevent student information from being released, or to revoke a hold currently on a student’s account.
Retroactive Graduation ApplicationAll StudentsRequired after the 6 week graduation grace period has elapsed.
Satisfactory/No CreditAll StudentsMust be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar by the last day to add.
Secondary Certificate Application (Graduate)Graduate StudentsFor current Master and Doctoral students use only.
Secondary Master’s Application (Graduate)Graduate Students
Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver
All StudentsSenior citizens must first be admitted through the Non-degree Office before they may register. For more detailed information go to the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Program page.
Patriot Pass
All Students
Solomon Amendment All StudentsRequests for student recruiting information must be made in writing, using military letterhead which clearly identifies the military recruiting branch or office.
Special Registration to Retain Active Status (ZREG 200)All StudentsFor students not enrolled in a credit-bearing course but whose academic department certifies that they are pursuing an activity related to their Mason enrolled program can retain active status by registering for Special Registration (ZREG 200).
Study Elsewhere
- Undergraduate Students
- Graduate Students
All StudentsMust be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar prior to the taking of the course at another institution.
Study Elsewhere RemovalAll StudentsSubmit to the Office of the University Registrar to remove a previously requested Study Elsewhere.
Substitution/Waiver FormAll StudentsRequest that a requirement in an academic program be met by: 1) a transfer course even though not considered equivalent to a Mason course, or 2) a Mason course not usually applied to meet the requirement.  Also to request that, on some clearly-detailed basis, a requirement in the student's academic program be waived.  (Does not waive or give credit hours.) 
Termination Exception Request (Graduate )Graduate StudentsSubmit this form to your College upon notification of possible Termination.
Time ConflictAll StudentsFor students requesting to register for a course that results in a time conflict of 15 minutes or less
Time Limit ExtensionGraduate StudentsFor Graduate students who need to extend their graduation deadline or advancement to candidacy deadline.
Transfer of Credit (Graduate)Graduate StudentsFor Graduate students to transfer credit from previous institutions attended or from Mason Non-Degree.
Verification of Pending DegreeAll Students
Veterans Registration Reporting Form (VRRF)All StudentsThe University certifies enrollment to the VA based on the information provided on the reporting form.
Voluntary Resignation from Graduate Academic ProgramGraduate StudentsStudents who have been granted a resignation will not be able to register for any courses unless admitted to another degree program or non-degree status in a different program.
Washington Consortium Permission FormAll StudentsNot to be confused with Financial Aid consortium