We are still working through some issues with the Banner integration, we ask for your patience as it may take us a little longer to review your schedules and make changes as indicated.  We hope to get the Banner issues resolved in a few weeks and once they are resolved we’ll let you know about changes to the process.  I apologize if this causes any confusion but once the Banner issues have been resolved CLSS will run much smoother.


General Scheduling

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How do I make changes to my schedule in CLSS?

You can make changes to schedules but you will need to “Validate” and “Submit to Workflow” once you’ve made all of your changes.   You can submit your schedule multiple times but we ask that you make as many changes/additions as possible in one submission as multiple submissions in one day on the same sections may cause issues.   We do suggest submitting deletions first if possible and additions in a separate submission.

How do I add my departmental space into the Room drop-down menu?

Please email and request to add your departmental space to your department’s Room drop-down menu.  If you use another department’s space frequently, the department who manages the space would need to email to approve adding it to another department.

Why does my schedule not reflect all my changes?

Please remember that there is a currently a delay before data is bridged to Banner. If your change is recent, you should wait until the next upload day.

CLSS will be refreshed from Banner on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  The schedules will not be available for editing the night before the updates starting at 4pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.  Please email if you notice any discrepancies with your schedule after the update.

I can’t make any edits because my schedule is in workflow, what do I do?

You will need to wait until your schedule is out of workflow before you can make additional changes to your schedule.  That is why we currently recommend that you submit the majority of the changes to the schedule at the same time.

For hybrid sections, how do I add a second online meeting pattern?

Currently, you are not able to add a second meeting pattern that has “Does Not Meet”.  Because of this, please type in the Internal Notes field “Add Online Meeting Pattern” and include any specific dates if necessary and the Academic Scheduling Office will add it in Banner.

What do I do when I get this error message: “This section has features that cannot be edited in this interface. Changes to this section will need to be made directly in Banner.”?

That error indicates that the section is not available to be edited in CLSS.  Email and let us know that you are making edits to an unbridgeable section. Please provide the CRN and all details of the changes that need to be made.

When should I be cancelling or deleting sections?

Before the schedule is published on Patriot Web, you will be able to delete sections in CLSS.  After the schedule is published, you will need to cancel and recreate any sections where you need to change the following:

  • campus
  • part of term
  • schedule
  • title

You do not need to cancel a section if you are moving it to a new room.

Do topics sections need a title?

All topics sections need to have a title before it will be scheduled in a university classroom.  For Fall 2017, here is the list of sections where the title can vary:*topics*.  When adding a topic, please check the drop down box for the topic first.  If the title is not there, then type the title in the Internal Notes for the Academic Scheduling Office to add.

Missing Classrooms

Sections Missing Classroom Assignment

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How do I find my sections that are missing room assignments in CLSS?

To find sections that do not have a room assignment, you can use the filter option and in the Course section input your department or subject code a search AND in the Room section for “University Classroom.  You can also see sections without a room in Banner at the Provost’s Website (instructions to view this are in the handbook).

Helpful Hint: If you want to use a university classroom that is on a section you are deleting, for another section, submit your deletes first to clear the room.  Then type the room in the Internal Notes box on the new or modified section that you want placed in that room and submit again.  Be sure the new section meets on the same days/time as the deleted section.

My section did not get scheduled in a classroom and it cannot be placed on the Technology Wait List and scheduled in a general classroom. What should I do?

You will need to change your time block or lower your maximum enrollment in order to get scheduled in a technology classroom.  If you would like to change your time block or change your maximum enrollment, please indicate 1st and 2nd choice time blocks and the lowest max enrollment in the Internal Notes field.  For Fall 2017, there are only 7:30am and Friday

**For Fall 2017, there are only 7:30am and Friday timeblocks available in technology classrooms.

PLEASE NOTE:  A high percentage of the sections placed on the Technology Wait List (TWL) are moved into a technology classroom if they are scheduled during a standard time block.   We are also working with ITS and Facilities to update our general classrooms over Summer 2017 so I should have an update on the status of that project in the next few months.

How do I add a section to the Technology Wait List (TWL)?

If you want to be scheduled in a general classroom and be added to the tech waiting list, please do the following:

  1. In the Internal Notes, type “Add to TWL” in the field.
  2. In the “Room Feature Request”, you must include a Tech Code – If you have already indicated a tech type, leave the tech type in the “Room Feature Request” in CLSS.  If you have chosen another feature “Dry Erase Extra” or some other feature and no tech type, we have to know what type of technology classroom the section needs (e., TDC, TCOL, TSC, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE: Sections with a max enrollment over 75 cannot be placed in a general classroom.  Please email to find out when the large classrooms are available.  Also, we do not guarantee a general classroom is available.  You may have to change your timeblock in order to get scheduled into a classroom.

I’ve requested for a section to be on the TWL, how do I know that it’s been scheduled?

If you have submitted your changes, you can see the sections were added to the Tech Wait List (TWL) but we were unable to find a general classroom:

That does mean you will need to change your timeblock in order to schedule it in a classroom.

In some circumstances, we would need to adjust your enrollment in order to schedule it into a classroom.  You will see that your requested enrollment was move to the projected enrollment field.  Once registration starts and you reach your max enrollment, please send a request through CLSS and we will find you a larger classroom.