Midterm Evaluations

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Midterm Evaluations are only required for lower level undergraduate courses (100- and 200- level). Partial semester courses do not require midterm evaluations, nor do summer courses.


Midterm evaluations must be submitted between the fourth and eighth week of the Fall and Spring semesters, excluding the week of Spring break. The deadline, which is firm, is Friday of the eighth week of classes. Consult the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Determining the Midterm Grade

Instructors should assign a letter grade for all enrolled students to reflect their progress at the midterm point. The evaluative mark submitted should reflect level of achievement on all lab and lecture work assigned to date in the course.

Special Grades

  • AB (Absent with permission) – Use if the student had an approved deferment for this work.  Do not use IN (incomplete).
  • SA (Stopped Attending) – Use for any student who has stopped attending the course
  • NA (Never Attended) – Use for any student who has never attended the course
  • HC – Use when the student is suspected of an honor code violation and has been reported to the Honor Committee.

Grade Changes

Until the deadline, you will be able to access your midterm evaluation roster to change a student’s grade.  The deadline for midterm evaluations is firm, with no grace period. Instructors will be unable to access a midterm grade roster after the deadline for submission has passed.

Student Records and Patriot Web

After submission on Patriot Web, midterm evaluations can be viewed immediately.  Midterms are informational only; no GPA calculation is required.  These evaluations do not interact in any way with the final grade a student earns in your course.  Therefore, the submission process does not require the nightly calculation required for final grade posting.

Students will view their midterm progress reports via Patriot Web.  They will not receive a printed report, nor will the midterm evaluation appear on a transcript.