Suggestions for Ad Hoc Class Make-ups

To assist instructors who missed class due to delayed opening or early closure we are providing the list of suggestions below. This list was developed by the Faculty Matters Committee of the Faculty Senate, in coordination with the University Registrar’s office. As always, we are eager to add more helpful strategies to this list. Thus, if you have such suggestions, please email the Chair of the Faculty Matters Committee, Girum Urgessa (

Please note that the following suggestions hinge on the feasibility for both instructors and students. Instructors should make all attempts to ensure that no student is unduly disadvantaged by a particular make-up strategy. None of the solutions below will work for all types of courses or situations. They simply represent suggested ways of covering material that could help to make up for lost class time.

  • Use Blackboard Collaborate either at the time the class was cancelled on the snow day, or at a future day/time. Blackboard Collaborate allows the class to meet “virtually” – it also allows for the class to be recorded, in case anyone misses it.
  • For some classes, it may be possible to begin class 5-15 minutes early or late for a series of class meetings to make up lost time. This option may be best for contiguous classes taught by departmental colleagues or when the classroom is unoccupied during the previous or following hour. When the room is occupied before or after class, faculty should consult with individuals using the room to ensure no disruptions to other scheduled classes or meetings.
  • Recording lectures, along with slides, has become much easier these days. Recorded lectures can be uploaded to Blackboard and made available to all students. Furthermore, instructors can provide a discussion board specific to each lecture to allow for student-instructor interaction about the material covered. Faculty members needing guidance on developing online content or recording lecture material should consult the following resources:
  • An assignment to be completed independently by students can help to cover material outside of normal class meetings.
  • Changing an in-class exam to a take-home exam can free up a class meeting.
  • Consult with students to determine whether a Friday or Saturday make-up sometime during the semester might be possible. Faculty members should contact their department staff member responsible for room reservations, or their department scheduling coordinator to schedule a classroom. A list of department scheduling coordinators can be found at:
  • Notify me immediately.