Classroom Reservations

The Office of the University Registrar ensures that courses have been scheduled in university classrooms before allowing the scheduling of ad-hoc reservations within the start and end date for the term. The Academic Scheduling Office schedules classrooms for course-related events by academic departments. Requests must be associated with a specific course and must be submitted by the instructor of record for the course or the department scheduling coordinator. A maximum of six reservations per section may be requested. For any questions, please email

For ad-hoc reservations requested before the last day to add for a semester, university classrooms may be scheduled on Sundays only. At the Arlington campus, university classrooms may also be scheduled Monday through Friday before 4:30pm.  Please refer to the Classroom Scheduling Policies for more details.

After the last day to add until the last day of classes for a semester, ad-hoc reservations can be scheduled in university classrooms based on availability.

PLEASE NOTE: Reading days provide students with additional study time for final examinations. Faculty may schedule optional study sessions on Reading Days, but regular classes or exams may not be held.

Request a University Classroom in 25Live

Specific university classrooms cannot be requested. You may only request a type of classroom.

  1. Select the Event Wizard Tab.
  2. In the Event Locations section, search for “Classrooms.”
  3. From the list, select the appropriate type and campus location of classroom (i.e. CLASSROOM (FAIRFAX): TECHNOLOGY).
  4. In the Comments section, indicate any building or room preference.

For course-related events, you must also fill out the following sections:

  1. In the Categories section, select “Course-Related Event.”
  2. In the Event Attributes section, indicate the specific course(s) and CRN in the appropriate section.

**All required sections must be filled out before the event can be saved and processed. **

Once a classroom has been assigned, you will receive an email confirmation with the specific location.

If the instructor of the class does not have access to 25Live and need to make a request space for a course-related event, you may submit the Ad-Hoc Classroom Request form.