Non-Standard Meeting Patterns

Adding a Non-Standard Meeting Pattern

If you need to change the meeting pattern on a section that is not pre-built in the Snapper, click on the blue link under Schedule on the CLSS form that says “Does Not Meet”.  This will open the Snapper where you will see pre-built standard time blocks.

  • Next click on the “Patterns” box at the top of the Snapper.
  • Click on the box that says “Meeting Pattern Name” at the bottom of the dropdown list:


  • Type in the time you want.  It’s important to use the correct format using one of these two options:
    • MW 12:30pm-1:20pm (using colons and “am” or “pm”) or
    • MW 1230-1330 (using military time that distinguishes morning from afternoon/evening)
  • Click “Add” then “Accept” on the lower right corner.