Deans and Directors for Student Appeals and Exceptions to Policy

College of Education and Human Development

Undergraduates & Graduates:
Ellen Rodgers, Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs
Thompson Hall, Room 2300 | MSN: 4B4
(703) 993-2080  |

College of Health and Human Services

Undergraduates & Graduates:
Kimberly Holmes, Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Brian Gillette, Director of Student Success
Peterson Hall, Room 1000 | MSN: 6C4
(703) 993-1901  |

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

CHSS Academic Affairs
Horizon Hall, Suite 6300 | MSN: 5B1
(703) 993-8725  |

Marguerite Rippy, Associate Dean
James Buchanan Hall, room D217 | MSN: 3A3
(703) 993-8720 |

College of Science

Exploratory Hall, Room 1450 | MSN: 6A3
(703) 993-8618  |

Melissa Hayes
Exploratory Hall, Room 1450
MSN: 6A3
(703) 993-3430  |

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Undergraduates and Graduates:

Lauren Wagner, Assistant Dean for Student Academic  Affairs
C211C College Hall | MSN: 1H4
(703) 993-1321  |

INTO Mason

Academic English, Undergraduate & Graduate Pathways:

Academic Director
Mason Global Center, Room 1100 | MSN: 6D11
(703) 993-4721 (703) 993-4502  |

School of Business

Enterprise Hall, Room 8 | MSN: 5A1
(703) 993-1880  |

Caitlin Horan, Assistant Dean of Graduate Academic Services
Van Metre Hall 402
MSN 6B6 |

The Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Jane Walker, Director of Undergraduate Student Services
107 Northeast Module II, Ffx, | MSN: 2E5
(703) 993-7134

Julie Shedd,  Associate Dean
5193 Metropolitan Building, Arlington | MSN: 4D3
(703) 993-9716|

Schar School of Policy and Government

Ann Ludwick, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Research Hall, Room 359 | MSN: 3F4
(703) 993-1415  |

Master’s and PhD students:
Jill Deering,  Senior Assistant Dean of Student and Academic Affairs
Arlington Founders Hall, Room 563 | MSN: 3B1
(703) 993-8209  |

College of Engineering and Computing

Undergraduate Student Services Office
Nguyen Engineering Building, Suite 2500
Phone: 703-993-1511
Fax: 703-993-1633  |

Jennifer Skorzawski-Ross, Senior Director, Graduate Academic Affairs
Nguyen Engineering Building, Suite 2400 | MSN: 5C8
(703) 993-1505

Contact your department for instructions regarding appeals.

Exploratory or Undeclared Undergraduates

Initial petitions receive committee consideration.

Office of Academic Advising
Undergraduate Education
228 Johnson Center
MSN: 1E2
(703) 993-3794|

Non-Degree Undergraduates 

Quentin Alexander
Senior  Director of Academic Advising, Undergraduate Education
228 Johnson Center, Ffx, MSN: 1E2

Non-degree students can email requests directly to Quentin Alexander