Patriot Web Tutorials

On this page we have listed, for students, tutorials for navigating and performing tasks in Patriot Web.

Please note, at this time Mason Korea students may not be able to access these tutorials without first being on the Mason VPN. If you are having issues accessing the tutorials, please contact us.

TopicTutorial DescriptionLast Updated
RegistrationFinding Your Registration Time11/13/2019
RegistrationFinding Your Waitlist Position11/13/2019
GraduationUpdate Expected Graduation Date07/11/2023
GraduationHow to Apply for Graduation07/13/2023
RegistrationAdjusting Variable Credit11/22/2019
RecordsUpdating Your Chosen Name12/2/2019
RecordsUpdating Your Pronouns12/2/2019
GraduationReading Your Degree Evaluation3/2/2020
RecordsUpdating Your Addresses2/18/2020
RegistrationAdding Yourself to Waitlists1/21/2020
RecordsRequest an Official eTranscript3/24/2020
RegistrationChange Your Grade Mode In a Course
RegistrationHow to Register for Classes7/7/2020
RecordsAction Item - Student Financial Responsibility5/3/2021
RecordsAction Item - Student Physical Location5/3/2021
RecordsEditing Veterans Classification2/28/2023