Enrollment Certification

The university’s official verification of enrollment is provided to students through Patriot Web at no cost by the National Student Clearinghouse. After logging on to Patriot Web, select Student Records and then Order Enrollment Verification. You will then be connected to the National Student Clearinghouse Student Self-Service Site.

Please note that prior to the term start date the Advanced Registration option may show enrollment updates not reflected with the Current enrollment option. From the same site you can also view:

  • Enrollment information on file with the Clearinghouse
  • Student loan deferment notifications
  • Enrollment verifications provided to insurance companies and other third parties
  • Specific information about your student loans

The Patriot Web enrollment certification should be attached to any form provided by a third party and returned directly to the requestor. Patriot Web enrollment certifications can be used for insurance companies, scholarships, military identification cards, prospective employment, student housing, and all other services that require proof of being enrolled at Mason.

Certifications which require processing by the University Registrar are normally processed in two to three business days, not including the date received.  There are several peak periods, (graduation, the priority registration period etc.) when processing time may take longer.