Student Loan Deferment

Student enrollment is automatically reported to the National Student Clearinghouse for loan deferment purposes.

Most lenders, guarantors, and loan servicers provide paperless deferments based on enrollment data reported to them by the Clearinghouse.

If a lender requests deferment information, direct them to the National Student Clearinghouse regarding your enrollment information.

To check the deferment forms and electronic notifications that have been sent to your loan holders, access the National Student Clearinghouse LoanLocator service through Patriot Web:

  1. Login to Patriot Web.
  2. Select Student Records.
  3. Select Order Enrollment Verification for an option.

If you are still in school and receive a repayment letter, you should contact the loan holder or servicer to verify that the deferment has been processed. The LoanLocator will list who your lenders are and how to contact them. If the deferment has not been processed, contact the Clearinghouse at (703)742-4200 to request assistance.