Section Scheduler (CLSS)


  • Build the schedule online. Editing, planning, visualizing, validating, and publishing will all be managed online. Provides intuitive editing, review and approval tools that allow all members within a department to contribute in building the schedule of classes. Faculty and staff can propose new sections and drag them into valid meeting times on a calendar view while also seeing where related courses are scheduled. With just one click, faculty and staff can validate their schedule of classes and instantly see any errors so that adjustments can be made before submitting updates.
  • View and understand the class schedule. View the current and prior schedule of classes and forecast future semesters.  Filter to view colleges/schools, departments, courses, instructors, and sections.  Use colored “heat maps” to see the concentration of course in given periods of time.  View currently planned sections for a given course.  Play ‘what if’ scenarios to toggle to add, remove, and shift time periods to view potential schedules.
  • Verify compliance with scheduling rules. Validate that departments have conformed to the scheduling policies and standards for planning their classes.   Run reports against these rules to show which departments are in compliance.
  • Manage the workflow to allow resolution and approval of the results. Route course to appropriate departments and reviewers to approve exceptions to rules. Workflow templates can be created to automate common routing paths and can include automatic notifications.